Fast Broadband Access For Honolulu SEO Agencies

Everyone in Honolulu, including Google, likes fast loading websites and as we enter 2020 the search engine giant is going to continue to give favorable rankings to fast sites. The consensus in the field is that the maximum acceptable loading time for an eCommerce website is two seconds, but for the best rankings with Google, you should aim for less than 0.5 seconds. This means if you host your business website on in-house servers, the importance of fast broadband access for Hawaii SEO has never been higher. You need to ensure you have a business broadband provider that offers super-fast upload and download speeds, 99.99% uptime, and unlimited monthly bandwidth allowances.

Honolulu SEO Broadband Speed Hawaii

Site speed has been a critical ranking factor for years and it is one that you need to pay a lot of attention to when it comes to on-page SEO. Google hasn’t set a specific threshold for how fast a website should load, so you are going to have to start analyzing your competitors’ sites to see if your SERP position is being penalized because of slower loading webpages.

You have to remember that a slow loading site can result in a high bounce rate, as today’s internet users are more impatient than ever. And, since bounce rate is also a core SERP ranking factor, improving your site’s speed can give your pages a boost in two crucial Honolulu SEO areas.

A fast website provides a good user experience (UX) and can lead to higher conversion ratios. As Google continues to talk about the importance of UX for top SERP rankings, making sure your website provide a great UX should be a top priority in 2020.

If you can’t afford fast broadband access for SEO in Honolulu, you should consider moving your website to a professional remote web host. You don’t want to lose out on the top positions for lucrative keywords on SERPs because of a slow loading website. When looking for a web host, be sure to consider CDN hosting options, especially if you are looking to rank highly on a worldwide basis.

In addition to switching to a high-speed web host or upgrading your business’s broadband, there are other things you might need to do to improve website loading time. Optimizing website code, for example, can decrease page loading times. Reducing the number of images and videos on each page can also improve loading times.

Instead of thinking of site speed as a crucial ranking factor, you need to start seeing a slow site as a negative SERP ranking factor. This is because once your site has reached a certain threshold, further micro incremental improvements to speed are unlikely to impact SERP positions as much as other ranking factors.

Some of the other Honolulu SEO ranking factors you need to work on increase website security, keyword density, mobile-friendliness, URL authority, domain age, user experience (UX), meta tags, content, and much more. It’s also likely that Google will announce further updates to it’s ranking algorithm in the coming months that could significantly change the world of SEO in 2020.

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